I Write Like & Super Moon

Who do you write like?

So my friends over at Neowin posted an interesting article yesterday including a link to a website called “I Write Like.” The website analyzes your writing style to see which famous writers, to see which writer your most like. Go ahead and check it out. I have always wondered who my writing is most like. I had some text analyzed from a response I posted on Neowin to a forum asking the question, “What makes you proud about your nationality.” I responded, “I am proud to be Canadian because Canada is a land filled with multiculturalism, comprised of people from all ethnicities, so much so, that in major metropolis centres of the country there are far fewer Caucasian citizens that foreign ethnicities. That takes the cake for me: Canada’s wide appeal as a place where diversity brings people together as opposed to segregating them.

And of course most people have heard the “You know you are Canadian when…” My favourite one includes the one used in the Tide commercial:

“No self respecting Canadian says “let’s wait for a warmer day.” — Because much of the time, a warmer day is a long way off.”
“I Write Like” compared my writing style to that of the late David Foster Wallace, a writer of short stories, articles, essays, and a university lecturer.  Go ahead and give it a try and see whose writing style yours is most similar to.
 Also, consider what makes you proud about your nationality? Or are you even proud of your nationality? Think about some of the core (sometimes taken for granted) things you are proud of your country for. In the larger global context, what is in your mind, sets your nation distinctly apart from others?
Did anyone get a peak to see the closets approach of the moon last night?  Unfortunately I did not get a chance to see the super moon, although it was clearly visible across the continent. The sky was full of thick fog blocking the view of the moon from all directions. 

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