Link Found Between Routine CDC Vaccinations and Autism in Baby Monkeys

Vaccine Bombshell

While surfing the web today I discovered an article detailing a study conducted by Dr. Laura Hewitson involving monkeys that were administered vaccinations, and then underwent PET and MRI scans of the brain. Results of the study revealed baby monkeys that received multiple injections at 4 and 6 months, showed symptoms associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The injections produced a maturation abnormality, a shrinking of the volume of the amygdala, and an alteration in the binding capacity of [6-O-methyl-11C] Diprenorphine, denoted as, [11C]DPN: a neurotransmitter targeting the opoid receptor.

The amygdala is made up of a web of highly concentrated neurons located in the centre of the brain, and play a vital role in the regulation of emotions ( Frompovich, 2012).

Pretty interesting article. There definitely need to be more studies conducted in this area.  The results of the study are startling, as one blogger called the results a bombshell. Future studies could try to reproduce the same results in monkeys to either credit or discredit the reliability of the initial findings.

In the mean time people should push for the CDC to be held accountable and due diligence, and call for independent researches to replicate the research findings.

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