E.I Changes Raises Questions


The government has to stop with the one size fits all regulations surrounding government programs such as E.I. The changes may be rectified for some individuals relying on the employment insurance system, but not for others. For example, for people who are employed seasonally, such as fishermen, it is unrealistic and silly to suggest that a fisherman, enjoying a modest standard of living, should have to possibly accept employment in a totally unrelated occupation at minimum wage. Such changes will raise concerns in the realm of worker satisfaction and possibly work-life stress.

These controversial changes to the E. I. system are fundamentally messing with the whole notion of worker satisfaction., which runs deep. With all the scientific literature that exists, we now know that people whose work is satisfying, experience a better overall quality of life. They call in sick significantly less often, their productivity is higher, their mental health is less often affected by work-related stress and anxiety, etc.

So in the Government of Canada’s [GoC] efforts to put Canadians back to work and improve their financial security, they may actually be taking more away from E. I. recipients than it is giving back.


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