Introduction to Insight Meditation

Hello fellow bloggers,

Today I stumbled upon a series of 6 videos by Rodney Smith of the Seattle Insight Meditation Society. For quite a while now I have been curious as to what real results and or states of relaxation could be reached through meditation, so i decided to give the first video a watch. Part way through the first class, I was instantly taken in by the philsophy, science and art of the experience he was describing. I attempted meditation before and experienced a tiny bit of the calming effect.  But it was only today that I decided that I would aspire to make meditation a regular part of my life.

The first video really gives you an introduction to some of the expectations to have when beginning the practice of meditation.  Smith does an excellent job explaining how you only get out of it what you put in, and that it is an art form not to get right right away, but one that takes time and patience (another characteristic meditation will enhance). All I can say is everything Smith described about meditation promises to enhance your experience and understanding of yourself and your life, and allow you to live in the moment instead of the go-go-go mentality. For me the idea that we live in fast-forward and not the present,– to the notion of retraining your mind to experience every second of your life, without feeling like it is passing you by– really resonate with me.  I do shift work in the mental health field and certain days I am so caught up in my 6 appointments that I often could not recall what I was doing between appoiintments, or tell you the day of the week.  I instantly recognized how much of my time is spent preoccupied with schedules and ordinary routines, and how little time is spent enjoying the pure spirit of the moment.

To get you started Smith recommends an affordable meditation pillow set ($40-50) and a book which is also affordable($10-15)– both are optional. Smith suggests using pillows you have at home if they are comfortable enough for you and doesn’t deem it necessary to buy the equipment at all. Its your call.

So I leave you with that. He does an excellent job at explaning the philosophy behind this insight meditation and how it will alter your perception of the world– I could not speak to it as precisely as he does so I’ve posted a link to the video serie4s below. They are available for free, but you are able to make a donation at your descretion.

Introduction to Insight Meditation


Radicchio and Avocado Salad

I concocted a quick and nutritious recipe this evening for my supper. I Just thought I would start sharing the recipes I come up with. I try to use all organic vegetables but will substitute with non-organic when there is not other option.

No picture for this one–sorry! It was so delicious, by the time I decided to post the recipe I had finished the salad.

Radicchio and Avocado Salad

Combine the ingredients in the order listed:

~ 7-10 Radicchio leaves
~ 2-3 TSP balsamic vinegar
~ 1-2 TSP extra virgin olive oil
~ 1 clove finely chopped garlic
~ 1 full red/orange Sweet Peppers
~ half ripe avocado
~ 5-6 slices English cucumber
~ half serving of chopped almonds
~ sprinkle lightly with grated Parmesan cheese

511 calories*14g fiber, 14g protein.

45 calories (balsamic vinegar), 4 calories (garlic), 120 calories (olive oil), 140 calories (avocado), 18 calories (cucumber), 81 calories (almonds), 44 calories (cheese), radicchio (9 calories), 50 calories (orange pepper).

*Most calories are from healthy fats, and there is over 40% in just one serving.