Long time no post, Update!

St. John's to LA!

St. John’s to LA!

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

Since last writing a post, a lot has transpired and I have VERY exciting news to share!!:D

So it has been a lifelong dream of mine to move to California and pursue music or dance, as I have always liked to sing and always loved to dance. Through a series or twists and turns I found myself out of a job and living back with my parents and working towards my Masters in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology. The first semester was refreshing and satisfying, I was excited to be learning something new after a two year hiatus after finishing my undergraduate degree and putting some work experience under my belt. About half way through my last semester, deep down I still questioned my investment in more formal education and considered a few things. I would be at least 3 years longer in school before finally entering into the workforce, and when I did finally did enter the workforce, I would be working at a desk, in a occupation of 9-5 perpetuity.

I feel like all things in my life have been leading me to this point ! I am beyond excited! I now live with my family and work at the YMCA. I am passionate about group fitness and living a healthy and nutrition lifestyle. I am becoming Zumba certified and want to live and work in beautiful and sunny Los Angeles California! I will continue to work in Canada until next March and then I will be making the move to Los Angeles, California with my friend. We will be driving from Eastern Canada to Los Angeles and documenting our entire road trip adventure! I want the world to come along for the ride, and experience some of the most breathtaking scenery North American has to offer! 🙂 During our trip across Canada and the U.S my friend and I will be taking lots and lots of high quality photos of landscapes, cityscapes, and other scenery as we make our way to California. My goal is to combine the photos into a photo book that I can sell. To make this an even more fun, exciting, and worthwhile experience, AND make a positive contribution to an excellent charity, I have created a Kickstarter account and have set a goal of $2000. I will donate 20% of the proceeds of the sales from the published book to a Fitness charity like the YMCA, that provides financial assistance to children and families so that they can have opportunities to have positive experiences like charities such as the YMCA provide. If I reach my goal on kickstarted the proceeds will be used to cover the cost of having a photo book compiled. These funds will not be used by me personally. Only once I have compiled and successfully managed to sell any of the books will I receive money from this whole venture! I hope to raise the money to have a photo book or publication produced. I hope the photo journal will inspire other youth like myself, who had a dream, and are willing to take the risk to make it a reality. Even if it means picking up and moving across the continent!

My friend and I have started looking for apartments within a affordable price range.  Would certainly appreciate input from any readers who live in CA or have any advice.