Victory for CTRC and Canadians!


If you live in Canada, you probably own a cellphone! In Canada Telus, Bell, and Rogers have a monopoly over the cellphone market.  Today, hearings of the CTRC have concluded and ushered in changes to the way telecom does business!

No more 3 year contracts or cancellation fees! See for yourself!


Breakfast of Champs

Want a healthy tasty breakfast to keep you going until lunch? Try this.

Vanilla Blueberry Steel cut Oats with Coconut fried Eggs

Vanilla and Blueberry Steel Cut Oats served with Coconut oil fried eggs.


-1/2 cup organic steel cut oats

-1/2 cup fresh or frozen blueberries

-1 tsp. pure vanilla extract

-1 tsp fax oil or 2 tsp flax seeds (or hemp seeds)

-splash of almond milk/goats milk/cows milk

-2 eggs

2-3 tsp organic coconut oil

-1 tsp. black pepper


Bring 1 – 1 1/2 cups of water to boil. Add oats, simmer and stir for 5-10 minutes on low. When thickened to preferred consistently, add frozen (or fresh) blueberries, flax oil (or seeds), milk, and vanilla. Stir and enjoy! Blueberries, vanilla, and milk provide just the right level of sweetness.


Heat pan on medium heat until coconut oil has melted, fry eggs to desired texture.


People calling for Gun Control in light of the Recent Shootings at U.S. School

Since the unspeakable crime that took place at a grade school in Connecticut, celebrities, and other U.S citizens alike have been publicly acknowledging and pushing for tougher rules on gun control.  While I agree certain strides can be made by amending legislation surrounding owning guns, I also believe that targeting legal gun owners will not solve crimes such as those that took place on December 14th that took the life of 20 innocent children.  

I believe people are reacting emotionally which is expected in a situation like this, and calling for gun bans.  This will only scrape the surface of the true problem at hand.  It has become quite apparent over the last few years that shooting incidents are on the rise in the U.S. Many countless innocent lives lost in the Aurora theatre shooting in July, the current one, not to mention the many others that have occurred throughout America.  

The solution is not a quick fix, or an easy one, to tackle such a multifaceted problem. 

The mental instability of the criminals responsible for these heinous crimes is one part of the problem.  If we approach the nature of these acts by looking into the potential root causes, we have to consort a holistic approach.  This involves looking at the psychosocial state of the perpetrators in question.  It is very clear that one or more mental instabilities have left the people responsible unable to make moral and rational decisions.  I approach the situation from this vantage point. 

From a psychosocial perspective, the problem to be solved is one rooted in deep emotional trauma or some other diminished mental capacity.  To tackle this problem, takes a lot more coronation and team work than petitioning congress to change legislation on gun ownership. The solution here, is to truly dig into the psychological issues behind this behaviour, and start by implementing it broad scale in whatever forms available. 


Chad R

Introduction to Insight Meditation

Hello fellow bloggers,

Today I stumbled upon a series of 6 videos by Rodney Smith of the Seattle Insight Meditation Society. For quite a while now I have been curious as to what real results and or states of relaxation could be reached through meditation, so i decided to give the first video a watch. Part way through the first class, I was instantly taken in by the philsophy, science and art of the experience he was describing. I attempted meditation before and experienced a tiny bit of the calming effect.  But it was only today that I decided that I would aspire to make meditation a regular part of my life.

The first video really gives you an introduction to some of the expectations to have when beginning the practice of meditation.  Smith does an excellent job explaining how you only get out of it what you put in, and that it is an art form not to get right right away, but one that takes time and patience (another characteristic meditation will enhance). All I can say is everything Smith described about meditation promises to enhance your experience and understanding of yourself and your life, and allow you to live in the moment instead of the go-go-go mentality. For me the idea that we live in fast-forward and not the present,– to the notion of retraining your mind to experience every second of your life, without feeling like it is passing you by– really resonate with me.  I do shift work in the mental health field and certain days I am so caught up in my 6 appointments that I often could not recall what I was doing between appoiintments, or tell you the day of the week.  I instantly recognized how much of my time is spent preoccupied with schedules and ordinary routines, and how little time is spent enjoying the pure spirit of the moment.

To get you started Smith recommends an affordable meditation pillow set ($40-50) and a book which is also affordable($10-15)– both are optional. Smith suggests using pillows you have at home if they are comfortable enough for you and doesn’t deem it necessary to buy the equipment at all. Its your call.

So I leave you with that. He does an excellent job at explaning the philosophy behind this insight meditation and how it will alter your perception of the world– I could not speak to it as precisely as he does so I’ve posted a link to the video serie4s below. They are available for free, but you are able to make a donation at your descretion.

Introduction to Insight Meditation

I Write Like & Super Moon

Who do you write like?

So my friends over at Neowin posted an interesting article yesterday including a link to a website called “I Write Like.” The website analyzes your writing style to see which famous writers, to see which writer your most like. Go ahead and check it out. I have always wondered who my writing is most like. I had some text analyzed from a response I posted on Neowin to a forum asking the question, “What makes you proud about your nationality.” I responded, “I am proud to be Canadian because Canada is a land filled with multiculturalism, comprised of people from all ethnicities, so much so, that in major metropolis centres of the country there are far fewer Caucasian citizens that foreign ethnicities. That takes the cake for me: Canada’s wide appeal as a place where diversity brings people together as opposed to segregating them.

And of course most people have heard the “You know you are Canadian when…” My favourite one includes the one used in the Tide commercial:

“No self respecting Canadian says “let’s wait for a warmer day.” — Because much of the time, a warmer day is a long way off.”
“I Write Like” compared my writing style to that of the late David Foster Wallace, a writer of short stories, articles, essays, and a university lecturer.  Go ahead and give it a try and see whose writing style yours is most similar to.
 Also, consider what makes you proud about your nationality? Or are you even proud of your nationality? Think about some of the core (sometimes taken for granted) things you are proud of your country for. In the larger global context, what is in your mind, sets your nation distinctly apart from others?
Did anyone get a peak to see the closets approach of the moon last night?  Unfortunately I did not get a chance to see the super moon, although it was clearly visible across the continent. The sky was full of thick fog blocking the view of the moon from all directions.